Top Reasons why investing in the UK is profitable in comparison to other countries

Our extensive UK market research show us that property prices are still increasing around the UK, especially within regional cores that are also seeing increasing demand due to high property prices in the south of the UK. Growth in major UK cities such as Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester are surpassing 5.5% growth over the past 12 months.

What this means for you as an property investor or homeowner, there is still potential for growth in property prices and high rental yields from the ever increasing demand. Despite Brexit, the UK is still growing and whilst there has been a shift in focus on residential property in the London area,  major cities within the UK that may have been overlooked, now present potentially lucrative opportunities. 

The easiest place to establish and run a business in Europe.

·         Low tax rate environment for foreign investors
·         One of the most flexible labour markets in Europe.
·         Least barriers to entrepreneurship in the world.
·         World leader in innovation.
·         Strong transport links
·         Leading Financial Center.
·         One of the most stable political environments to do business.
·         Easy Property Registration.
·         The UK is home to top 6 universities in Europe.
·         Gateway to the EU market
·         Strong Communication Network.
·         Rapid productivity growth.

Our exclusive and respected partnerships allow us to present property schemes from all over the UK with solid investment cases and proven track records.

We aim to bring our deals into an more open and transparent forum allowing investment from all types of investors.  Whether you are a seasoned investor or a first time buyer Capital Portfolio will guide you through every transaction smoothly and efficiently.

Each and every development or scheme CAPITAL PORTFOLIO showcase is scrutinised and put through extensive levels of due diligence before being take to market, to ensure our clients can invest with utmost confidence and peace of mind.